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13 reasons to mesmerize with Rima Residence


The Dynamism of Development

Rima Residence prides to be part of developed and driven country Saudi Arabia. With visionary agendas on the horizon much investment is being initiated in non-oil sectors which include the giant industries of real estate and tourism. With these vital sectors in the forefront certainly high revenue returns and tourist traffic are on the rise. Hence, Rima has chosen the most progressive nation as home perfect in every way.


Majestic city of Al-Khobar

With scintillating sights and an impressive infrastructure, Al-Khobar is the best choice of residence and work for the indigenous and expatriate population. Monumental landmarks like King Fahad Causeway which bridges Saudi Arabia with the Kingdom of Bahrain is located in this well-connected Al-Khobar. Water Tower is another majestic structure which paints the hued horizon. Rima Residence has truly envisioned the construction of its comely complexes in this Centre of Now.

khobar water tower
Picture of Khobar Water Tower Near Rima Residence Rental Apartments

A Status Symbol

Rima Residence is placed among the exceptional architectural enterprises which has transformed the skyline of Al-Khobar city majestically. A prominent presence in the coveted construction sector, Rima Residence has herald refined revolutions to uplift the lifestyle of the Al-Khobar city’s populace to gift them with the very best through its host of compounds and complexes.

rima residence outdoor view
Rima Residence Outdoor View

Centralised & Pivotal Location

Centrality is the golden key 🔑 for unlocking the vistas of vainglory in Rima Residence prestigious project. Handpicked location has led to the all accessible avenues of these Al-Khobar compounds. Perfectly positioned between King Faisal Road and King Fahad Highway, it is the centre of attraction in the Al-Khobar city which is the burgeoning hub of diverse development. Close commute from the popular restaurants, chic cafes and recreational avenues not to mention the awe-inspiring Corniche certainly elevates the status of these compounds.

Metropolis Al Khobar
Metropolis Al Khobar

Gated Exclusive Community

The most cherished gated community in Al-Khobar city. Rima Residence has set an example par excellence in the construction of comely communities within a circumference of comfort and convenience. Rima compounds exhibit the wonders of secure surroundings which are availed by its occupants. An exclusive enclave with all the desirables and the essentials at the beck and call.


Secure & Sheltered Lifestyle

Rima Residence showcases one of the finest compounds encircled by exclusivity and elixir. An illustrious infrastructure and interconnected buildings characterize the Rima Residence compounds in Al-Khobar city to provide a complete access to all the necessities and luxuries of life. These resourced premises have everything from routine to recreational facilities including cafes and marts. Its occupants relish the secure and sheltered lifestyle in peace and harmony building a thriving close-knit community.

view of rima residence
Front look of Rima Residence In Al Khobar

Range of Residences

Rima Residence offers furnished one, two- and three-bedroom apartments for rent in Al-Khobar. These extravagant and elegant living spaces bespoke perfection. Intricate interiors and aesthetically designed exteriors encompass a line of luxury for the occupants to relish the high-end lifestyle. With a grand entrance, lavish lounge, divine dining, classic kitchen and long laundry space these archetypal abodes represent refinement.

rima residence room
Rima Residence Room In Al Khobar

Alluring Amenities

Rima Residence, luxury apartments for rent, serves all the amenities one has dreamed of. These classy compounds in Al-Khobar are well resourced for elevated living through the access to dynamic daily desirables. Exclusive elevators, luminous landings and fully functional centres for personal plus social wellbeing are attractive features which add to the splendor of these extensive structures.


Healthy Pursuits

A modern full-service gym, at Rima Residence, luxury apartments for rent in al-Khobar, sets the project apart. State-of-the-art work out machines are nothing less than a health haven which presents an avenue for productive exercise routine. This high-tech environment encompasses specially designed spaces for lockers and restrooms. Dive into serenity of the temperature-controlled swimming pool and be completely refreshed. Moreover, an imperial Spa is also in the vicinity for your retreat and to take all your stress away.

apartment for rent with gym

Cuddled Care

Rima Residence sets high family values which can be witnessed through the tender loving care it provides through its specially designed day care. The motherly touch is reflected in the added features in the faculty. Rima Residence places high value on family bonding and nurturing an environment of sensitivity to needs. These are surely fulfilled here.

kids play area in rental apartment
Picture of Rima Residence’s Day Care

Magnificent Mart

With mini markets in the vicinity, these widely ranged shopping outlets provide the ease of procuring the items without leaving the comfort of home. Rima Residence luxury apartments leads to an elite existence with an eye for ease in all walks of life.

mini market in rima residence

Elegant Eateries

Uptown cafes, restorative coffee houses and eventful restaurants embellish the lustrous landscape of Al-Khobar compounds. Whether it’s light snacks, caffeine rich sips or formal occasions – there’s a place marked for each. The fun and frolic never end inside the delightful recreations of Rima Residence.


Multifarious services 24/7

Even the tiny needs are delicately handled by the housekeeping and maintenance personnel. Keep the luxury homes in pristine condition in the prime location. 24/7 Wifi and central TV area to converge defines opulence. Secured parking and CCTV monitoring uplift the security levels. Rima Residence certainly is a one stop solution to all the home needs.

laundry service in rima residence
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