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50 Fun Facts about Al-Khobar

The fun element cannot be missed at all when you are looking for a great location to relocate and finding a home away from home. What better than to shift and start a life in Al-Khobar for improved short and long term prospects. What you find here truly defines it as the Centre of Now and who wouldn’t want to be in the midst of it. The name has been chosen due to its hi-tech and happening features which set it in a fast forward mode of development.

The Waterfront City

Al- Khobar is situated along the coastline in the east of Saudi Arabia and commands a central position in the region. Not only that it is equally exciting for the tourists.

5 Superb Statistics

  1. The largest city in the Gulf Cooperation Council.
  2. It is known as the Triplet City as it forms a unique triangle with Dammam and Dahran. As these are part of the Dammam metropolitan area which is the 3rd largest metropolitan area.
  3. Most of the Al-Khobar’s residents work in Saudi Aramco, the largest and the most revenue-generating oil company world over.
  4. It is a multinational melting pot with many acclaimed companies with running operations here driving the economy forward.
  5. Al-Khobar is the only city in Saudi Arabia where ex-pats constitute the majority of its population, making up more than 56% of its population.
The Waterfront City

The Rich History

Al-Khobar has an enriched heritage to quote. Its roots can be traced in the sands of time of Saudi Arabia.

5 Historical Facts

  1. Khobar grew from a small fishing village mostly inhabited by the Al- Dossary tribe members.
  2. Oil was discovered in the 1930s and this transformed into commercial, shopping and industrial port.
  3. The first school was established in 1942 along with the municipality of Al-Khobar.
  4. Al-Khobar houses beautiful architecture in the form of masjids and museums to depict the culture.
  5. The first travel mode was sea transport in the 1940s.

King Fahd International Airport

This is truly an iconic gateway which connects the world 🌎to Al-Khobar. It enters into the special landmark which defines this advanced city.

5 Fun Facts

  1. It is the largest airport in terms of the surface area serving Al-Khobar with 77,600 hectares (776 Square kilometres).
  2. This airport is nearly as big as the country of Bahrain.
  3. It operates the shortest international flight to Bahrain as well as the longest domestic flight between Dammam and Tabuk.
  4. The first duty-free shops were opened here before any other airports in the region. It will expand opening indoor playgrounds and travel agencies.
  5. 9.7 million passengers use this larger than life airport annually which certainly checks it into the most used travel facility around the globe.
King Fahd International Airport
King Fahd International Airport

King Fahd Causeway

This beautiful symmetrical structure is built as a series of bridges and causeway making the connection between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The western terminus springs from the Al-Khobar district.

5 Fantastic Facts

  1. Made up of 536 bridges on 5 pylons and 7 embankments in Gulf’s water.
  2. One embankment Middle Island is turned into an artificial island with proper facilities which is quite amazing.
  3. A major contributor to inter-Gulf trade.
  4. In terms of passenger traffic, it is one of the busiest in the Middle East, with recorded traffic statistics of over 18 million passengers and 8 million vehicles in both directions in 2009.
  5. The dam construction involved the use of five million tons of rock, broken stone and approximately ten million cubic feet of sand which were extracted from the seabed.
King Fahd Causeway
King Fahd Causeway

Khobar Water Tower

One of the top attractions in Al- Khobar and highlights the eastern region with its architectural excellence.

5 Featured Facts

  1. Situated in the man-made peninsula in the Khobar waterfront.
  2. It has an amazing 8 storeys of 90-meter height.
  3. A unique feature is its majestic restaurant overlooks from one of the high floors with a viewing balcony.
  4. The water tower lights up green and purple at night.
  5. The tower-cum-restaurant was built at an estimated cost of SR80 million ($21 million).
Khobar Water Tower
Khobar Water Tower


This is the most popular destination of Al-Khobar which is known more because of this spectacular attraction.

5 Fabulous Facts

  1. The corniche meanders along the Arabian Gulf, with expansive views across the glistening waters.
  2. This wide, sun-soaked avenue runs along the coast for a few miles which is simply loved as an exotic skyline.
  3. Al Hariri mosque is its fascinating landmark. The mosque’s ornate, the white structure looks stunning against the crystal-clear sunlit gulf during the day and at night the magnificent arches are illuminated by floodlights.
  4. One of its stunning features are the green parks which line the entire corniche area including the landscaped gardens on the northern side.
  5. The corniche area thrives on coffee houses dotted along its line with eateries with local cuisine to tantalise the taste buds.

Half Moon Beach

This seafront promenade is one of the most scenic places in Al-Khobar for locals and tourists alike

5 Flowing Facts

  1. The best feature is the sand dunes that are a sight to behold.
  2. Quad biking is also done on the beach when the vehicles and bikes are seen climbing the sandhills.
  3. One can go 50 meters inside the sea with the feet touching the sand.
  4. It has an amazing swim in its crystal clear waters.
  5. With an amusement park and play areas for kids, the bay is popular with families with children, while facilities such as bathrooms, lockers, and showers are also available.
Half Moon Beach
Half Moon Beach

Sci-Tech Technology Centre

A one of its kind science facility in Al-Khobar which is also a must-see sight.

5 Futuristic Facts

  1. Over 350 science and technology exhibitions can be explored in this futuristic facility.
  2. It houses an IMAX cinema to show educational films.
  3. This Scitech Technology Centre has museum like halls.
  4. It has 3D scientific cinemas and models.
  5. This hi-tech centre is quite spacious and well ventilated with much attractions in the form of exhibits.
Sci-Tech Technology Centre
Sci-Tech Technology Centre


Al-Khobar is a beautiful city which is surrounded by green parks and fields. This showcases the refreshing aspect of this metropolis.

5 Foliage Facts

  1. The Rose Garden, located in the Golden Belt district, covers an area of 8568 square meters.
  2. The Cordoba Park in the neighbourhood of Anzi occupies an area of 8800 square meters.
  3. The garden of the twigs in the Golden Belt district has an area of 6450 square meters.
  4. The lavender garden in the neighbourhood of Khuzama with an area of 5440 square meters.
  5. The spring park in the Al-Thaqabah neighbourhood is 7440 square meters.

Shopping Centres

Al-Khobar is truly a tourist attraction with a wealth of entertainment centres and shopping arcades.

5 Festive Facts

  1. Al- Rashid Mall is an amazing shopping arena with many international brands, food franchises and play area with plenty of rides. It has a unique design, latest facilities and integration of multiple services.
  2. Mall of Dhahran in a known and accessible location which is a one level mall – easy to move around and the largest mall in the eastern province.
  3. Desert Designs is an exclusive outlet where middle eastern culture is projected at its first where the rich heritage gifts and souvenirs are available.
  4. Venicia Mall is an extravagant mall which has a food court, kids zone and free parking spaces not to miss the amusement park on its top-level.
  5. Al- Khobar Plaza is an amazing shopping arena which features 144 stores spread over three massive floors and visitors can also participate in grand events here.
AUTHOR: Rima Residence
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