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06 Rental Scams – Beware!

It is a usual occurrence to relocate to apartments for rent when you are moving into a new job or for other personal reasons. Then you are sure to come into contact with rental property agents or owners who are more than happy to show you places that fit your list. Often they will also go out of the way to satisfy all your whims and wishes through the offered units. But when should the alarm bells go off that something’s amiss or the deal doesn’t hold water.

Rental Scams

Well, for this you need to know what rental scams are. In layman terms, these are an easy way for extracting money out the prospective tenants by showing them real or even fictitious property. In such cases the scammer doesn’t have the position or the right for that matter to rent out the apartment shown – then you know that this is part of rental fraud. Once, they receive the money from the unsuspecting apartment hunter they vanish never to be seen again.

There are certain rental frauds or scams as a likely tenant you should be aware of.

No In-Person Meeting

The landlord doesn’t want to meet you in person. In such a case, the person will make up an excuse of being either out of town or too busy. Sometimes, such people also state that they are in the military as a valid reason for not showing up. The apparent landlord may ask you to communicate online or on phone but there is no physical meeting arranged. Then you may be in for a landlord fraud.


The Dubious Tenant

The tenant may also act as a landlord. That person may be vacating the place and takes the guise of an imposter to actually show you the place which he/she has no right to rent out. Once you show interest then the imposter will try to close the deal quickly with upfront money. As soon as the money is received, the pretending landlord disappears with no trace with you as the alleged victim.

No Property Tour

There may be no physical tour of the actual apartments for rent on the cards when you seek out a suitable one. The apparent landlord or person advertising the property may actually have no access to the inside of the place. Or the contact person may just be in a rush and ask you to commit without actually seeing the apartment properly. There is also a possibility that the apartment only exits online with no onsite presence.

Mail or Wire the Money

The scammers may ask you to mail or wire the money 💵 upfront. The most common excuse they may give you of being out of town on business or family trip. This communication may be done online where the person may directly ask you to transfer the amount via online payment methods without any signing of a lease agreement. This is included in rental frauds.

No Screening Process

As a tenant you want to be professional and expect the same from the landlord’s end too. However, when the landlord appears not too bothered about the paperwork or credit checks, he/she is not reliable or quite unprofessional. This may land you in a heap of trouble later on with no proper documentation to show. Moreover, this also poses a question mark on the background check of tenants renting out the apartments.

Below the Market Rates

When there is an apparent variation in the going market rates of the apartments then the red flags should come up. The renter is either renting out the units cheap so there may be a problem somewhere – either he/she is unaware of the actual market prices or there is something wrong with the property rented out – damage or noisy. So, the guard should be put up here.

It is easy to avoid rental scams by being more vigilant regarding the dealings with the agents and landlords. You should insist on in-person meetings, physical tours of the apartments on rent, proper agreements and assessment of the fair market value. It’s also best to seek out references and check from other tenants for reputable rented apartments.

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