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Food Delicacy

It would be no less than an extremely delightful treat if you decide to dine out in the beautiful city of Al Khobar. An advanced city which is ready to welcome the locals and ex-pats to a wealth of middle eastern treats that you cannot keep your hands off. These delicacies simply hook your taste buds and the pure pleasure is unbeatable.

Whether its Arabian, Indian or Pakistani cuisine – all present a palette of dishes with their traditional flavours and spices which set each of these apart. Then it would not be wrong to say that foods in Al-Khobar are a fine fusion and special in their own ways. So, be sure to enjoy the evening out to get a taste of what is in store for you, your family and friends on the food street of this waterfront city.

khobar water tower
Picture of Khobar Water Tower Near Rima Residence Rental Apartments

Enchanting Experience

If you are looking for stunning views while enjoying tasty treats then Khobar corniche restaurants are the best choice. The spectacular skyline with the breathtaking scenes simply transports you into a serene world w here you gaze on end while munching on the exotic food. Chic cafes, seafood, tandoori, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai food restaurants are set up along the charming coastline for the best dining experience. Khobar Corniche restaurants provide a great mix of fine flavours which are worth every bite. There is something or the other to appease the food tastes of everyone. Whether you are looking for great salads, pizzas, meat dishes, barbeque, seafood and sushi – all are served to satisfy your cravings. One thing is for sure that you will never regret any moment passed here.


The desserts are as inviting as ever. Sink in your teeth in the creamy pastries and designer cakes offered on the menu of the bakery shops. Each sweet dish has been specially baked to make your mouth water and it is a must-eat after any dinner meal.


Foods in Al-Khobar are available in plentiful outlets all over the metropolis to make both your personal and professional lives thrive. There are a range of eateries – from Indian restaurants in Al-Khobar to Pakistani restaurants in Al- Khobar which provide a thrilling time if you want to take your family or even friends out for that matter.

Ex-pats are sure to find their kinds of cafes and food franchises which give them the western touch and taste. These offer an array of amalgamated dishes on their menu for a variety in taste. Moreover, these are perfect for professional gatherings and provide an attractive ambience for better bonding and team building

Enriched Environment

Not only this, the service of these eateries is truly unbelievable. You are sure to find out of the way hospitality where you are seated and treated in a special way. The royal welcome and the smiles all around brighten up the time spent here with its pleasurable after effects. From the chefs to the waiters all are at your beck and call whipping up your choicest meals.

There are options galore with live cooking stations which showcase the seasoned chefs at work. These truly mesmerize you and your company as you watch their culinary acts in awe and present extraordinary dishes on the table.

So, what’s stopping you from trying out the best of the worlds right here in Al-Khobar – dining and delicacies were never better anywhere else.

AUTHOR: Rima Residence
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