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Great Gardening Ideas For Your Apartment

Who wouldn’t want their apartments to exude the aura of a green haven? Even if there is less or no space, yet there are some amazing gardening hacks that help you nurture a mini garden in your apartment of any size. These would simply transform the appearance and make you live in a fresh environment like never before.

Urban gardening ideas are gaining popularity all around the globe with a rise in apartment living. Now, more residents are nurturing the ideas for making their own floral decor for a refreshing outlook and healthy living. There are several ways this beautiful greenery is embedded in the apartments with the green fingers at work. Not only does indoor urban gardening liven up the place but produces a becalming effect which spreads throughout the living spaces and soothes the senses.


Let’s lay the urban gardening ways in front of you to achieve this serene green outlook in your apartment.

The Right Plants

Before you begin on this indoor urban gardening spree, you need to be fully aware of the plants that do amazingly well in closed spaces. This essential planting information will help you make a good decision for long term maintenance. Now, the plants that require very little looking after or so-called low maintenance include coneflowers, yucca, petunia, zinnia and day lily to name a few. So you should procure these – easier to plant and easier to tend.

Indulge in Container Gardening

Balconies and galleries are quite conveniently spruced up for a fantastic view with plants in a container. Plants in pot stands can be used to create artificial height even if you don’t want any hanging baskets. Ethnic pottery or vibrant colours can be used as holders for the plants for a rainbow scene in the patio or porch where you are surrounded by breathtaking natural views. A variety of textured plants from architectural straps to fuzzy vegetation can be placed here.


Go Vertical

You should not worry if you don’t have a balcony or porch area. Crevices and walls can be well utilized for succulents which grow well in poor soil and with little water. Bare walls can also be covered with self-clinging climbers like ivy but wire support can be provided for honeysuckle and roses. These are best to create an ambience of shade and privacy. Hanging baskets is one of the terrific urban gardening ideas and these also add to the artistic interior decor. In this case, you can opt for tropical plants which are evergreen for a lovely look.

Shelf to Help

Installing shelves in the walls of the balconies is ideal for making more uncrowded space. The upward growth of the plants in the long shelves allows the eye to move upward which gives an illusion of open space. Light coloured shelves and green plants paint a perfect picture of the balconies.


A Herb Garden

Another winning indoor urban gardening idea is to form a herb ­čî┐garden which not only provides healthy greens for eating but also enhances the beauty of the space. Some do require direct sunlight but others grow equally well without it. So if you have limited balcony space then you can certainly think of smartly using it as a source of food which will save your trip to the grocery store for sure.

You can certainly apply these indoor apartment gardening ideas in Rima Residence which provides you with idyllic spaces within its facilitative apartments for a great gardening experience.

AUTHOR: Rima Residence
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