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Reaching the comfort zone in a furnished apartment


Rental Comforts Redefined

The term rental clearly indicates the monthly hiring amount paid to acquire a product. In real estate terms to rent a property which suits the needs. If Saudi Arabia’s market is kept in perspective then the rentals are spread over a range of offered units. These include one, two or even more bedroom apartments, compounds and villas.

The liquidity defines the limitations of the search. Whether the rented place is small or spacious all depends on self-finance or sponsorship. In case of expatriates, the recruiting companies usually take this step to seek out suitable spaces. Then the settling in part is the only thing left on the agenda.

The Saudi real estate trend is construction of complexes with a host of apartments. These high rises are a common sight all over the cities. The luxury level also varies from building to building dependent upon the purpose of the project or the wealth owned by the owners.

Both furnished and unfurnished apartments are available with their typical characteristics which the realtors have complete knowledge of. Hence, harnessing the target segment is easier.

kids play area in Rima Residence

Allured by the Amenities

What does a furnished apartment have to offer? To begin with, these resourced units fall into different categories, namely; standard and sublime. Henceforth, the kinds of comforts available are also levelled.

What is the Standard Setting?

A standard apartment for instance would have facilities but at a very functional level. An entrance, a lead in to the operative lifts which are also be one or two at the most. A gatekeeper may represent security for that matter. The unit itself is equipped with the bare essentials for bearable living. A kitchen with the line of cabinets to hold kitchenware, stove, fridge, microwave oven and the daily use cutlery.

A living area with a plain interior filled with dining, austere sofas and television. The rooms furnished with beds and bathroom with the essential fittings. The visibility of such settings is sure. The overall atmosphere is controlled by capacitors and vents for temperature maintenance.

A communal parking space Infront of the building is normally seen and security is assured by the tenants themselves. Nearby commercial centers depend on the central location of the complex itself.

The Stately Scenario

On the sublime side, an apartment has much opulence to offer its occupants from the location to the luxuries. The exquisite entrance beckons one into a world of comfort. An escritoire and a waiting area. High tech lifts for elevation to the apartment doors. These are also adjoined with side stairs. Proper directional signage is visible and surveillance camera with security personnel monitor the grounds.

Well-lit corridors lead to the front of the units. Themed interior welcomes the residents with high tech house hold appliances. A fully equipped kitchen with well-designed cabinets and counters meet the eyes. Operational ovens, dishwashers and fridge are present. The lounge is lavishly set with soft seating, intercom, television and availability of 24/7 WIFI connection.

Demure dining is an extension to the living space with designed decor. Plush and pleasurable bed set defines the comfortable cove. Walls are adorned with hued hangings and glassy frames overlook the scenery outside. Bathroom is equipped with tasteful toiletries and clean surroundings. Housekeeping is an option to be availed.

Extended facilities include gym, rooftop sitting area, swimming pool, indoor games area, restaurant and event hall. Exclusive parking spaces are present on the premises.

Raise the Level of Comfort with Rentals

Hence, the occupants definitely feel the comfort rise with the amount paid for rental furnished apartments. As the saying goes, the more sugar is put the sweeter it gets!

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