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Short Term Rental Furnished Apartments with Long Term Benefits

It seems too good to be true when one is on the lookout for furnished apartments for rent and finds a long list of plus points attached to these. Living in the international city of Al-Khobar is advantageous in many ways which makes it the top selection in terms of business, employment and tourism. A rapid increase in the local and expat numbers has been witnessed in the recent years which is a testimony of this advanced city’s magnetic appeal and lucrative living conditions.

double bed room in rima residence
Double Bed Room in Rima Residence

Easily Available & Attractive Rents

Whether one has temporarily relocated, is on business trips or secured employment in one of the major cities like Al-Khobar in Saudi Arabia (place Wikipedia link) – finding a suitable accommodation is certainly on top of the to do list. Hence, the demand of the rental furnished apartments has risen exponentially which has positively affected the supply so you are likely to find more of these luxury apartments in every part of the city.

To begin with the lease or rental element is quite alluring which allows these furnished apartments for rent to be acquired at quite affordable market rates. The local realtors are a great help in identifying the most desirable addresses in town so you should contact these agents for the best offers available in the market.

view of rima residence
Front look of Rima Residence In Al Khobar

Hassle Free Stopover

Short term apartments for rent give you the ease of changing the accommodation once you plan to move after a stay of a short duration. It is very hassle free as you step in with a suitcase so you step out with the same. It is as simple as that. There are no attachments and no interior additions that you need to worry about. Moreover, the rents are low so you certainly find ideal deals that give you an upper hand all the way.

Rima Residence Indoor Image
Rima Residence Indoor

Centrally Located

Furnished apartments for rent are next door to major malls, markets, hospitals, schools and recreational centres. These are centrally located close to the international airport and enjoy the inter connectivity of highways which make these the perfect choice for frequent travelers among others. Who wouldn’t want to reside in the hub of the city knowingly that everything is at a walking šŸš¶distance.

Al Khobar
Al Khobar

Safe Enclosure

It’s true that when you are seeking short term rental apartments you want to have a smooth transition throughout. The safety and security of these apartments for rent is truly unbelievable. Usually, these are gated communities where fully supervised and vigilant monitoring is done through CCTV and security rooms. The entrance and exit are guarded and exclusivity is kept up at all times.

Facilitated Residence

You are sure to enter a fully facilitated compound with a range of amenities ready to start enjoying these luxuries the moment you step in – no wait no worries. This is extremely beneficial for those on a tight timeline and travel itinerary.

Rima Residence Amenities
Rima Residence Amenities

Amenity Rich Environment

Rental furnished apartments in Al-Khobar are spruced with the standard and sublime furnishings according to your whims and wishes. From the bedroom chambers to the living and kitchen spaces all are designed with the decor which delivers comfort and convenience. Bedsets, cupboards, side tables and shelves in the bedrooms. Cushioned seating, carpeted floors, screen set up, bureaus and dining table in the lounge cum dining area. Fridge, microwave, dishwasher and cutlery in the kitchen. All these spaces are well ventilated with long glassy windows which provide picturesque scenes outside.

Modern Kitchen

Resourced Residence

In addition, furnished apartments for rent cater not only to your living within but around as well. These offer a resourced residence with outdoor seating area, swimming pool, and gym for the pursuance of a healthy lifestyle.

Day care and laundromats are present on the premises to avail immediately which add to the lavish list of benefits. Minimarts allow you the comfort of acquiring all the desirables and essentials within the community so you have that kind of peace that everything is within your reach.

Kids Play area
Amenities In Luxury Apartments (Play area)

Above all, the short-term benefits of rental furnished apartments certainly turn into a lifetime of bonding and memories of residing in a world class community with a wonderful range of resources to benefit from. This certainly keeps you coming back for more!

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