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Smart Ways To Spruce Up The Studio Apartment To Make More Space

For bachelors, students and even couples studio apartments are more or less a home that they want when searching for studio apartments for rent in Al-Khobar. No matter how lavishly laid out these spaces are, the singular challenge that arises is how to decorate these for a wider look in a wiser way. This definitely brings into play ingenious planning that needs to be put underway to transform the kitchen, living room and bedroom for a palatial feel.

Well, no doubt making space in a studio apartment may be a daunting task but these decorating tips and techniques make it defeatable. These show how space is well utilized for optimum living. So, let’s explore these smart ways to spruce up the studio apartment.

Use Furnishings to Fine Tune Space

Living in a one-unit apartment may make you feel that space identity is lacking. Here pulling up curtains in front of the bed may just be what you need. These act as dividers and easily drawn away when not required. Light coloured ones give an open and airy feel. Even rugs for that matter play a part in indicating different areas and are the best separators between the bedroom and living spaces.

Rima Residence Indoor Image
Rima Residence Indoor

Craft your Art

A studio apartment doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t be creative. Well, accent walls tend to create the visual interest that might just add the balanced tones needed to soothe the eyes. Another attractive way is to place a large piece of art right behind the bed which functions as a bed stand. This makes a statement and gives an arty touch.


Closets that Don’t Clutter

There are two ways of using the closet space in apartments for rent. First, the open closet view where it is built in the walls and the household items stored which could be next to your bed or living area. Second, is the walk-in closet by installing two walls and making it narrower as a step in the passageway and the wardrobe with drawer as well as shelves are simply arranged there. Both are really great in serving the purpose to hold more things in their set up.


Illusions for more Space

These are again quite wonderful to make the studio apartments appear more spacious and well lit. For starters, if you have high ceilings then curtains can be pulled up as far as the ceilings to give height to the entire place. Secondly, a mirror can be put up for an extended look especially when the natural light falls on it then it spreads it all throughout to brighten up the environment.


Make the Visible Invisible

It is not necessary that everything needs to be visible, keeping the piles like too many things on the counter, mail or magazines hidden also result in openness. This is smartly achieved by stacking these behind the closed cabinet doors in the kitchen. Then one could also go for foldable furniture like Murphy tables and drop leaf beds that disappear when not in use. These surely give a cleaner view and create more space then you can ever imagine.

Hence, converting your studio apartment to create a spacious, at the same time, splendrous look is within your reach. These wonderful ways are certainly spectacular solutions for studio spaces.


Rima Residence truly gives you all these options to avail in its apartments for rent. The one units are made to spread as far as possible with open galleries which lend to breathtaking views of the cityscapes yonder. This world-class gated community turns your world around with its amazing lifestyle avenues.

AUTHOR: Rima Residence
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