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The Resourced Residence For A Perfect Staycation

Who wouldn’t want that every day spent at home is no short of a vacation? Well, no need to look further. This is exactly what is being offered by the luxury compounds for rent in Al-Khobar. Located in the prime Saudi region, this advanced city is one of the best metropolitan centres for living, work and recreation. This urban hub has kept pace with the progressive development and lays out an unbeatable mix of commercial and residential setups which are nothing less than awe-inspiring.

Due to its highly developed infrastructure and forward-looking centres, there is a huge influx of ex-pats and even local populace reaping immense benefits from all the prime locations spread along the scenic areas including the corniche.

top view of rima residence
Top View of Rima Residence

The furnished compounds for rent are no less an appeal which attract tenants who eventually take up abode in these accommodations and within no time are calling them home away from home – their very own staycation.

Of course, there are amenities in the compounds for rent in Al-Khobar that have shaped this very mindset by providing mental, physical and social invigoration. These are hard to resist and rejuvenation by using these very facilities is a treat for the residents.

The luxury apartment for rent are high in demand for this very reason and are rented out like hot cakes. These tend to attract all income groups who comfortably settle in for a staycation of a lifetime.

Everything within Reach

To begin with, these compounds for rent are all-encompassing where there is no need to step out to get anything. Everything is available on the premises with mini-marts and hypermarkets. These are fully stocked with a wide range of items to cater to the needs of all the occupants. From groceries to gadgets, these markets swoon their customers with all their offers at affordable rates. Their shelves are neatly lined with all the commodities that would be required in any visit which leads to a 24/7 hassle-free shopping experience.

Al Khobar
Al Khobar

Full Family Support

There is ease for everyone. Even for families with babies and toddlers are sure to find the daycare facility with just the right help. This resourced centre is designed keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of the young ones. From carpeted floors to feeding tables to indoor play area – all are built with the ultimate care and safety. This lends to an amazingly supportive environment and what the parents and guardians are looking for. They are able to leave their babies in the cuddled arms of the loving trained personnel with a peace of mind while they complete their work or indulge in the on-premises activities.

Modern Kitchen

A Healthy Lifestyle

The furnished compounds for rent lay out a healthy routine for its residents with a high tech gymnasium. The work out on the purpose-built machines allows the right kind exercise to shape the best fitness results. The imperial spa is another immersive space which invigorates the mind and acts as a peaceful retreat. The temperature-controlled swimming facility provides a refreshing exercise and a full-body therapy with full length swims. This balanced lifestyle is much looked forward to as a healthy investment of time.

front view of rima residence
Front view of Rima Residence

A Fun Treat

Close-knit bonding was never easier with eateries on the compounds for rent. An amiable culture develops as date and time are set with family and friends for meetups at the chic cafe at a walking distance. The delicious and exotic servings on the menu are quite inviting to taste. The catch-ups and collection of memories in these food joints form a nurturing environment which is cosy and comfortable with cherished times.

kids play area in Rima Residence
Rima Residence Furnished Apartment: Kids Play Area – Your Kids will enjoy the me-time.

The recreation and rest embedded in these resourced residences enclose truly the right amenities to turn it into a perfect resort for a superb staycation.

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